Whole Person

JISEKI Whole Person Care is about providing employees answers when they need them the most. We’ve built a comprehensive collection of licensed professionals that are easily accessible over a cellphone.

We offer highly specialized physicians and support personnel to address the ever-burgeoning challenges associated with uncontrolled and poorly managed care and its comorbidities. JISEKI challenges the status quo by offering customers the flexibility to focus on wellness in ways no other supplemental care plan can. Instead of anxiously wondering, waiting, and hoping for answers - now there’s JISEKI.

Clinical Care Doctors

Whether you need Doctor/Primary, an RN/Nurse practitioner, optometrist, pharmacist, geneticist, etc our licensed health professionals are available at your fingertips. If you have health questions, these professionals have answers:
  • Health Promotion
  • Patient Education
  • And more
  • Disease Prevention
  • Labs & Reporting


JISEKI gives you access to highly respected Nutritionists and Diabetic Educators, ranging from the holistic to the clinically trained. When it comes to your gut health, having expert advice is important in making the nutrition choices that are important to your overall health and lifestyle:
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy
    • Nutrition Diagnosis
  • And more


Geneticists study genes, including how they are inherited, mutated, activated, or inactivated. Understanding the role genes play in disease and health and can be imperative to answering questions you may have about your family history as well as current ailments you may be experiencing:
  • Gene Counseling
  • Genetic Therapy
  • Genetic Testing
  • Specific Genetic Disorders
  • Drug Metabolization
  • And more


Licensed Pharmacists are available when it comes to prescribing Generics, Rx brands, or answering any questions you might have regarding certain medications. With JISEKI’s plan options, you can save as much as 30% on qualifying medication brands – and even have your medication shipped with our delivery options:
  • Generic, Rx Prescriptions
  • Pharmacy Counseling
  • Pharmacy Refill
  • And more

Whole Person Care Pays for Itself

JISEKI saves you more than just time and money. Because we exist outside of insurance, we’ve eliminated much of the overhead and administration associated with conventional healthcare delivery. Co-pays don’t exist in our world, and our interventions are explicitly designed to be proactive and to prevent minor issues from becoming major ones.

The JISEKI Whole Person Care was built for you. Now you’ll have the most information available to make the best decisions possible for your well-being. Start enjoying life more fully with JISEKI.

  • Flexible plan options
  • Supplemental care
  • Affordable care solution
  • Employer approved plans

JISEKI is Primary Care plus Whole Person Care.