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Innovation meets Whole Person Care

Whole person care is about simultaneously finding solutions to each person’s clinical and non-clinical issues to drive better outcomes and patient satisfaction. Jiseki’s approach to whole person care blends values, service, and technology in a framework we call ACES.

A - Accessibility. We want everyone, not just the wealthy, to be able to get quality care for themselves and their families.

C - Community. We use the power of community as we deliver our healthcare in order to create and strengthen the bonds that connect people together. A connected community is a healthy community.

E - Excellence. We’re committed to delivering excellence in service and quality. Continuous improvement is part of our DNA.

S - Simplicity. Jiseki’s patent-pending platform blends people and technology in a unique way, allowing anyone to get started with us in seconds, with no learning curve or downloads.

JISEKI blends patent-pending integrated technology with accessibility to provide wellness solutions for every stage of life.

Jiseki Tech

Patient Access

Our systems are fully HIPAA-compliant and we use industry-standard practices to manage our systems and security. We also don’t sell or share our data unless members give us explicit permission to do so – we’re only interested is providing them the best care possible, period.

  • Modern testing techniques, genetic testing, and data from devices, when possible, are all tools in our toolkit.
  • Hashtags are the keys we give to our members to unlock our care. When a member texts a hashtag such as #doc, #talk, or #money to 543210, we know who to bring into the conversation, and what service to provide.
  • Our success is measured by our members’ health and happiness; JISEKI is care that walks with our members. Because we’re on members’ phones - we move with them. And as long as they can text they can reach us.
Jiseki Technology

Provider Convenience

We know that our members sometimes need to see providers outside the JISEKI system, such as in an emergency, or for diagnoses that require a physical examination. Our clinical providers have access to our own certified, full-featured Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system shares data with and receives data from other medical systems. If our patients need to get care outside of JISEKI, we make it easy for them to come back.

  • Custom, easy-to-use provider dashboard to allow our professionals to see each conversation, but only the parts of a conversation meant for them. This separation ensures privacy and allows our providers to do their job more securely.
  • No crosstalk - our dashboard operates like a switchboard, and our providers can see who’s engaging a member so they won’t burst into a conversation out of turn.
  • Our own in-house EMR: we created a customized Electronic Medical Record system to allow our providers to chart encounters, order lab tests and view results, send invitations to patients to take assessments, write and send prescriptions, and share data with other clinical systems.
Jiseki Outcomes Tech


JISEKI’s care follows protocols and the latest research. When we deliver care, we use the latest research and the thinking of the best professionals in each field to govern our advice and recommendations. We also find the best professionals to serve our members, who believe in Whole Person Care and work together to look for the best ways to treat each patient – not just the fastest way.

  • A comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant, analytics system where we crunch our data and get at individual insights. Our system is designed to look for root causes across all our care areas.
  • Constant testing. We designed our entire platform to support testing. We’re constantly aiming to learn from every interaction we have.
  • Easy-to-read summaries and scores. Powerful dashboards to allow us to see understand population health as well as individual health.


Cost Savings

JISEKI is vastly more affordable, and more accessible, than any comparable market competitor in the primary care field. Virtual accessibility means less visits to hospitals, less in-person care, less sickness, and less time missing work – which means more productivity, less turnover, and greater appreciation.

Competitive Services

The JISEKI platform is built to be simple, flexible, and adaptable. We’re constantly adding new services so business can maintain a competitive edge in their benefit offerings. Any new service is designed to make care more complete on the individual level.


Quality healthcare is about being proactive, and helping people solve minor issues before the become serious. We reach out to your members to take clinical surveys and assessments and to tell us how they’re doing. We use these answers to personalize the care we offer, so JISEKI can walk with every stage of its members’ lives with ease and simplicity. 

Delivering Whole Person Care

Your employees will have access to medical, behavioral, mental, and social care services through JISEKI that span almost every aspect of their lives - all in their pocket. For select plans, we can offer complementary tiers that work with your insurance needs, or replace them entirely.

The JISEKI Whole Person Care was built for you. Now you’ll have the most information available to make the best decisions possible for your well-being. Start enjoying life more fully with JISEKI.

  • Flexible plan options
  • Supplemental care
  • Affordable care solution
  • Employer approved plans

JISEKI is Primary Care plus Whole Person Care.